Wednesday, January 18, 2017


      The idea behind the founding fathers was to make the whole man kind equal and happy for everyone to be in peace with one another. The United States Army had even soldiers from different races battling on their side to have and advantage over the British Army. It didn't matter to them that different races fought side by side. The idea that was stated in the Declaration Of Independence was the all man should be treated equal. That's why we don't have no slaves and more freedom since then.

This link talks about how the declaration outlawed slavery and gave Americans more freedoms but with rules that made the U.S. a more peaceful place to live.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Blog Update

Colonial period

The Colonial started with the Europeans settling in the "New World". The new settlers started to move away and take the lands of the Native Americans. They took advantage and used their European technologies and more modern techniques to benefit them. Settlers started getting African slaves to America to work on their lands by planting and doing really hard and exhausting labor without considering their well being. Later on we can see how the Native Americans helped and contributed to the American Revolution to help win our Independence. 


 In the link that im using it talks about how some American Indians helped the colonists in the American Revolution by allying with us and contributing to help us in needs.

Friday, September 9, 2016


In this blog I will be talking about the influence and relations that involve my current topic. I will cover most of the ideas and concepts behind the information for this topic. The information will come from news and information from the past and the present. I will conversate about the important benefits and the groups of people with a diversity of taste.


Summary: This website is about how race is being seen through options lets say like History, Human Variation , and Lived Experience.